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The Rosenwasser Method -

In the fall of 2011 we were contacted by Finchley Productions who had spent sometime putting together a set of high fidelity video tutorials for Hebrew Language lessons.

They had tradition and longevity on their side, as their method comprised an easy but effective way of imparting the language to young adults studying for their Bar- and Bat-mitzvah. They had experienced great success in the over 50 years and two generations that The Rosenwasser Method had been in use for and thought it was ready for prime time - the internet. We enjoyed helping with the delivery of the first iteration of this smooth blend of tradition and technology.

Channel 4 Television - /programmes and 4oD

For close to 4 years we have been a part of the visionary and rapidly evolving success story that is and 4oD. Our consultants have been engaged in a number of capacities from helping with infrastructure build out, to helping define development best practices and, most recently, the delivery of key parts of 4oD - the on-demand television experience that British audiences have come to know and love.

At the tail end of summer 2010 we proudly watched as some of our best work on the 4oD delivery team was unveiled - specifically improved personalisation and user preferences (favourites, history, playlists) and enhanced programme recommendations. There have also been other proud moments for us including the launch of 4oD content on other devices like the PS3 and iPad.

BBC Forge Platform - Build Management Services

This entailed managing the build, packaging and deployment of 200+ projects across a number of environments. The diversity of the client's development ecosystem provided a unique but empowering challenge.

The highlights of this engagement include the successful packaging and migration of the Hudson CI server farm and the standardisation of binary artifact management. We also provided the client a plugin to generate self-maintaining artifact documentation on the in-house Confluence wiki.

AMF Ventures -

An intensely collaborative effort with AMF Ventures' Tony Fish on an online version for his My Digital Footprint title. It has been a richly rewarding project experience for us as, we have felt able to create and experiment with notable concepts like paid-for comments and in-line author-driven hot-spots/anchors which allow readers to comment on specific parts of a section in the book.

We also feel that we might have opened the flood-gates to collaborative writing and are hoping we can give it a firm push in the market place.
We will be making announcements around this in the near future.

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